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Hard Drive Destruction


While backing up data is a common practice, proper destruction of that digital information is equally important to its security.  Inaccessible or otherwise obsolete computer hard drives are a prime target of identity thieves or those looking to sabotage companies.


Shred Shop of Memphis offers total hard drive destruction in a secure facility ensuring your data is protected to the very end.


Whether it is 1 hard drive or 1,000, Shred Shop of Memphis is your data destruction solution.


We provide:


secure chain of custody including secure pick-up service.

removal of hard drive from computer (an additional fee may apply).

a Certificate of Destruction along with a list of the manufacturer and the serial number for each hard drive.

drilling 4 holes through each hard drive making it impossible to retrieve any data.

recycling of the hard drive after destruction.


Walk-in service is available for individuals and businesses that want to receive that extra Peace of Mind by watching us destroy each hard drive. 



Certificate of Destruction Given.



Volume discounts are available. Please call for additional information.






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