How to dispose of an old computer

Getting rid of your old computer? You can ensure its hard drive doesn’t become a treasure chest for identity thieves by bringing it to us to securely destroying the hard drive.

Computers often hold personal and financial information, including:

  • passwords
  • account numbers
  • license keys or registration numbers for software programs
  • addresses and phone numbers
  • medical and prescription information
  • tax returns
  • files created automatically by browsers and operating systems

When you save a file, especially a large one, it is scattered around the hard drive in bits and pieces. When you open a file, the hard drive gathers the bits and pieces and reconstructs them.

When you delete a file, the links to reconstruct the file disappear. But the bits and pieces of the deleted file stay on your computer until they’re overwritten, and they can be retrieved with a data recovery program. To remove data from a hard drive permanently, the hard drive needs to be destroyed.

Remember that Shred Shop of Memphis will not only destroy your hard drive but we will have all of the computer components properly destroyed and recycled.

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