Our File Storage

24 Hour surveillance

Monitored with 24 hour surveillance

Access to your files

Need to access a document? Simply call us and we will make it available to you for viewing or deliver it to you promptly.

Private Viewing Area

View your documents from our private conference room at no additional charge

a great way to save space

Save physical space in the office and revenue by storing your documents with us.

“I enjoy working with the Shred Shop of Memphis and have found them to be an affordable, reliable, and confidential resource for my off-site storage and shredding needs. I would highly recommend Brenda Huff and her team to any business owner who appreciates great customer satisfaction from its vendors.”Wendy Geurin Smith
Attorney at Law

Document Storage

Tracking and indexing

When files are received they are indexed according to your label and then entered into our database for easy retrieval.

Document retrieval

Authorized personnel must submit their request in writing by either emailing or faxing us.  Notify us by 10 A.M., we will have it available to you that same day.