Our Shredding Process

Locked Bins

We provide secure lockable, shredding consoles with drawstring nylon bags.

Pick-up Service

We provide regularly scheduled pick-ups based on your specific needs.

Transported to Secure Facility

We bring your documents back to our facility at
318 Collins St. in Mid-town Memphis.

We Weigh Documents

Upon arriving at our facility, all paperwork is weighed & documented.

Certificate of Destruction

After your project is completed, we will send you an invoice along with a Certificate of Destruction that states the exact number of pounds shredded.


We bale and recycle your shredded paper to help keep our environment clean for the next generation.

Because so much of our business and the related paperwork is protected by privacy laws, at Clay & Land Insurance, Inc. We are very careful about what documents we keep in the file and what we shred so that it cannot be shared or stolen. We have approximately 105 employees in our office and you can well imagine the amount of paper documents we handle. We’re big enough that we have four of your consoles spread out equally through the office and we fill them up frequently. The service that the Shred Shop provides us is second to none and we appreciate your help in keeping our client’s records confidential.Alan Doyle
Account Executive
Clay & Land Insurance, Inc.

Shredding Consoles

We provide consoles for regulary scheduled shredding. They are secure standalone lockable units in which you can store day to day confidential papers. 

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for our shredding console service for your business,
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